Our Labradoodle venture began in 2016 and is a result of the demand for large loving dogs like our Labs but who do not shed. One of our first puppies is now an Emotional Therapy dog. We have second generation Labradoodle puppies who are non-shedding with much greater probability than first generation hybrids. They are considered hypo-allergenic dogs. Labradoodles are not AKC registered because they are a hybrid instead of a purebred dog. Their grandparents were either registered Labs or registered Standard Poodles.

Our Labradoodle, Sophie, mother of the 2 black girls we currently have for sale below.


Poodle/Bichon Frise’, also known as BichPoos

We started raising Poochons (Poodle/Bichon Frise’, also known as BichPoos) in 2004. They are such lovable, adorable, and happy dogs that we couldn’t resist expanding their family. Currently, we have 3 generations and are now including Maltese in some of the combinations. These are hypo-allergenic dogs who do not shed. Our small dogs are not AKC registered because they are hybrids instead of purebred dogs. The originators of each line were registered miniature Poodles, Bichons, or Maltese. One of our Poochons is currently an Emotional Support Dog who travels to hospitals and nursing homes bringing joy wherever he goes!


They are available now to spread holiday cheer and love in your home.

Registered Labrador Retriever Breeders Since 1975

We have raised AKC registered Labrador retrievers since 1975. Our Labs have become hunters, Emotional Therapy dogs, and beloved family pets and companions. Our best advertisement has been through our happy customers and especially our many repeat customers. We have had yellow, black, and chocolate Labs and all are a possibility with each litter. All our Lab puppies are purebred can be AKC registered.


Our Pedigree

What sets us apart from other dog breeders?
  • Many dog breeders, some quite good by today’s standards, often sell dogs for much more than our prices.
  • Many have outdoor kennels and large-scale breeding operations, some quite clean and respectable.
  • Many view their dogs as livestock and care for them accordingly.
What differentiates us from them is the level of time and attention given to each and every dog and puppy on Sycamore Grove Farm.

Our Dams (mothers) are our pets, on our farm and in our home all the time. They sleep in kennels in our living space or climate-controlled garage (or sometimes on our sofa or beds!). They swim in our pool or pond and run and play, even sometimes hunt, in our fields. They are well socialized with dogs of all sizes and ages and with people of all ages.

The dams are fed special diets while gestating to boost their health while pregnant and nursing.

Our Sires (fathers) are chosen with great care. They all live with friends and neighbors in central VA so that we get to know their personalities and health.

All our puppies are born in our home under our watchful eyes! They are then placed in accommodations in our climate-controlled garage or other indoor areas, depending on their breed size.

Puppies are faithfully tended not only by their dams, but also by us as we handle and check them each time we feed and tend their moms. We talk and sing to the puppies so they feel comfortable with and will respond to human voices.

Once they are weened, the puppies have indoor and outdoor playtime each day (weather permitting) with each other and daily playtime with us. They gain confidence, independence, and appropriate socialization skills among themselves.

The daily time spent with us is vital to get them socialized with humans but also gives us an opportunity to get to know each puppy’s personality. This in turn helps us to match puppies and prospective owners with great success!

Our puppies are vet-checked, fully immunized and wormed, and come with a one-year health warranty.

Once you have one of our puppies, you are a member of our extended family and always welcome here on Sycamore Grove Farm! We want to know how you and your dogs are doing and LOVE pictures and updates!